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Friday, July 8, 2016

Deep Waters: Umm Juwayriyah On The Murders of Black American Men by Police

In the name of the Most High

This is the weekend right after Eidul Fitr, the celebration after the completion of Ramadhan. I am in America vacationing with my family. It should be a celebratory time. It is not. The lost of life, innocent lives of Black men, once -- again  --- always stops me in my tracks. The trauma of knowing and now seeing live feeds of Black Americans killed/murdered/executed for existing by has forever scarred my core, colored my vision, and agitated my breathing. The tears of our mothers have poured for over 400 years, the waters are so deep and the pain is unbearable...

When The Most High instructed the mother of Mousa (Moses) to cast her baby into the river to safegaurd his life..
When the natives ran deep into the forrest and left their baby boys to hide them from the colonists...
When the chained slaves on boats dropped their babies and kids into the ocean....
That was protection. That was sacrifice. That was freedom. That was a teaching. That was trusting and believing that the suns are better off with the One who created their light than to be subjugated, hated, villified, bastardized and murdered in broad daylight.

They will not stop. They will not change. They will not leave yours free and mines dead. Run! Run! Look to the sky. Read the smoke signals filled with the fresh scent of death. Hide your suns, prepare your moons.