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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Tried & Tested Is Published!

Introducing my newest Urban Muslim fiction title, Tried & Tested!

A teenage Iman Johnson left home over a decade ago to follow behind a street loving hustler who promised her the world. When that world became too much for her to endure, mentally and physically, she found herself back in Pittsburgh, PA at her Muslim mother’s doorstep seeking refuge. But will the Muslim family and community that she’d turned her back on years ago be ready to finally accept her or has too much time, emotions, hurt, and secrets built up between them to overcome? Iman will have to find the strength to face her past and relearn the basics if she ever hopes to find the sweetness of faith Allah promises …

Tried & Tested is adult Urban Muslim Fiction. The book is suitable Muslims in puberty and older due to it mature subject matters: domestic abuse, mental health issues, incarceration, family discord, addiction, and family discord. These issues are prevalent in the Muslim community - around the world, but especially within Western Muslim communities. Islam is not for perfect people and I felt a necessity to pen a story about what happens when imperfect Muslims, like all of us, slip, fall, and crash and how they search, stumble, and find their way back to the mercy of The Most Merciful. I hope that this story will make you laugh, cry, smile, become angry, and then renew your hope in the amazing mercy of the Most High - not matter what your race or faith (or lack thereof) is. Iman's story transcends categories and has themes that are universal.....I just want you to get the messages, see the possibilities and hope!

That said, the BIG GIVEAWAY is still going on! Every other week in March AND April, I am giving away some cool books from my author friends (including Her Justice by Nasheed Jaxson, How I Found Myself In Egypt by Subhanah Wahhaj, The Big Reconnecting Selflove Journal by SISTERS magazine editor Brooke Benoit, Adam to ZamZam Islamic Reader by Karemah Alhark and Jamila Alqarnain) and other cool prizes like prayer rugs and hijabs as well. Grand prize winner gets the $25 Amazon gift card, a signed copy of Tried & Tested, and the #MuslimGirlsRead Tshirt! All you have to do is share a copy of the Tried & Tested book cover and the book trailer. The more likes you get, the more chances you have to win! Congratulations out to our first winners Nicole Young of Massachusetts and Zakiyyah Sabir of New Jersey! 

Finally, I am giving everyone a little over a month to get Tried & Tested and read it! April 24th is the BIG LIVE BOOK CHAT

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