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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Muslim Girls Matters: Tools For Success Live Chat

Salams! Hey everyone! I thank you all for checking out the blog, following my journey to bring Muslim fiction to the world. I thank you for supporting As Sabr Publications and our books! I got some new tings coming this year, Alhamduleelah! Still got some traveling to do before I return to the States, but God willing new children book's will be dropping this Ramadhan, and bi'thnnillah, when I get back to the States I'll be showing out in a couple of cities this summer for some book signings and chats with ya'll! But before that, I am calling out to my youngins, my baby girls, my shorties, my little bits -- my sisters to check out my online workshops! They're FREE!

Tell all the sisters in your family: Muslim Girls Matters with Author & Educator Umm Juwayriyah will be live once a month, enshallah! We got work to do fam and making sure our little sisters have the love, support, and tools to journey in this world as confident Muslim women is critical. Let's do the work. Let's unpack the hard stuff and spread some good news. Got a topic you wanna speak on? Send it to me! Join me starting this February - right here on this page, enshallah!

With love and thankfulness ~ Umm Juwayriyah

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