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Saturday, March 3, 2018

#BlackMuslimReads-Lifting Black Voices, Influencing Society By Layla Abdullah-Poulos

Image Source: Bashirah Mack @msbmack

The Black Muslim experience in the United States is intrinsically linked to the tragedies and triumphs of African Americans since before our country was one.
By Layla Abdullah-Poulos
Black History Month presented Black Muslims across the country opportunities to focus on the extensive historical ties and heritage that merges their faith and race.
NbA Muslims, in partnership with Djarabi Kitabs Publications, #Muslim Girls Read and the Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative, hosted #BlackMuslimReads—a month-long event that involved daily highlighting of literature and writings from Black Muslims. Participants shared their Black Muslim reads on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
There was also a Twitter chat anchored by five Black Muslim authors, where partakers shared thoughts on how to appreciate and amplify the written works of Black Muslims as well as support writers and authors.
African American Muslims remain the quintessential influence of Islam on the American experience, an extension of the contributions of Black Muslims globally and historically, which include cultural productions impacting society.

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